Thursday, 6 October 2011

Utopian Invention Design

1. Give reasons for why you think Da Vinci invented the inventions on the reverse of this sheet.
Da Vinci's inventions were probably invented with intentions of making things easier for people to do, or to make it possible for people to do things that were never possible before.
2. Choose one of Da Vinci’s inventions, and explain why you think it has had the biggest impact on modern society.
Da Vinci's flying machines have probably had the biggest impact on modern society. Air planes are now used to travel worldwide. I can't even estimate how many flights take place on a daily basis.

3 inventions that would enrich our daily lives might be:
-A dream reader which would record a person's dreams when they're sleeping so they could play them back when they're awake. This would make an interesting enhancement in dream analysis.
-An adapter used to plug a SIM card from a cell phone into a computer so people could text/call from the computer with the same phone number.
-A device that would create what a person is thinking on a screen. For example, a person could imagine a whole new world and it would appear on an actual screen so they (or anyone they wanted) could see it.

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