Thursday, 26 January 2012

Popcorn Disaster! :O

Mr. Bishop is making popcorn and sits down to eat it. He then realizes the popper never stopped popping! He tries his best to gather the popcorn, and decides he needs help from his fellow chess pieces. He calls them on the phone. When they arrive they can't get in the door because there is popcorn blocking it! So they file in through the window. Everyone begins gathering up popcorn until a little pawn finds the plug and unplugs the popper. Hooray!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Yearbook Summative

1. What do you like most about your designs?
The thing I like most about my yearbook design is that each page is well connected with the others for different reasons: they each have the same dull base colours, a star motif, the same background texture, and a black and white subject. I also like that each page has a variety of different sized objects including the elephant, the fire breather, and the acrobat. I like that the cover page is the entrance to the circus. Another thing I like is the font I found to go with the circus.
2. What do you think could be improved about your designs?
I think I could have added more images related to the circus. Although I like the simplicity of the pages, I could have made the designs a little more complicated, the cover page especially. I think there should have been punches of colour somehow to the sports page to tie it in better with the other pages. Also, I would have liked to include names of the students who did the art, and the students on the soccer team, had that info been available.
3. What do you think makes your designs unique and competitive to be selected for the real yearbook design? 
The circus is a whimsical, inviting, and enjoyable place that I think Sacred Heart would enjoy as the theme of the 2011/2012 yearbook. The circus is not exclusive to any group, it actually celebrates talents of all kinds, which is what we have at the Heart. The circus theme would give a kind of timeless effect to the yearbook.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Yearbook Brainstorming

For a yearbook theme I'm going to use the circus. I will use one or two awesome circus fonts that I've already found. For backgrounds and the cover I might use circus patterns like the striped tents, rhombuses, and stars. I'll use images related to the circus like elephants, acrobats, clowns, and tents. I want to make all the pages and images the same old fashioned, poster-like texture. Maybe I will find a good filter on photoshop to achieve this look. Also, I will use limited colours including blue, white, and red (typical circus colours).