Monday, 28 November 2011

Arcade Game Brainstorming

1. For my Moonlander redesign assignment I could change the spaceship into a penguin!, and then when the person playing fails to land on the landing pad, the penguin could crash into a cloud of snow. The background can be a snowy iceland.

2. I could do a fruit bowl with an apple trying to land in the bowls of fruit on the table. On the tables I could put rotting fruit, as if those fruits tried landing in the bowl but missed and turned to mush. Thats what could happen to the apple if it misses too! It could turn to mush also.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Phototext Assignment

1. What I like most?
I like that I was able to create three different scenes with the same words and photos, I also like the practice I got with filters (like lens flare, solarize, and extrude), brushes, and especially using displacement maps (which is used in the second picture where I made a displacement map out of the words and displaced the pictures onto it).
2. What can be improved?
I could have improved the assignment by making each picture more different than the rest (i.e. by placing the subject in different parts of the scene).
3. Which specific picture was most successful?
I find that the third picture is the most successful. I like the poses the subjects are in and the 'solarize' filter I used to create a blue and yellow effect. I also really like that the words are not the main focus of the scene because they blend into the scene. Lastly, I like the swirling brushes I used. They create a mystical effect.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Photo Adjustment Assignment

Four of the following photos are black and white with a splash of colour, six have blurred areas and five are just regular: