Friday, 16 December 2011

1. What do you see in this piece of art (describe it)?
I see protesters on the street voicing their discontent at passing cars. The image is grainy, and black and white with punches of color, like Barbara Kruger's work.
2. What kind of message did you try to give in this piece of art?
The message I'm trying to get accross with this piece is that the human race is really never in 'harmony.' There's always something we're disagreeing on, or discriminating against. We have yet to come accross a happy medium. There are always protests, and wars, and conflict.
3. Do you like or dislike this piece of art?  Why?
I like this piece of art because of the satire it presents. When looking at the piece, a viewer would think about what the phrase is saying and how it applies to the world. I like that it begins with 'she would...' because it creates a kind of mystery. Who is this 'she'?

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Moonlander Game Revision Reflection

1. What I like best?
I like the ice palace that I put in the background, the tunnels in the snow, and the skating penguins in the last scene, and the colour scheme. I like that the play button has a hat! I also like that the penguins look very much like penguins because I traced them in photoshop.
2. What could be improved?
I think the background maybe could be different for each scene. It could also maybe be a little bit more challenging.
3. How is this game an improvement on the original?
The theme is more creative. Also, I think more appealing to a different kind of gamer. Also the graphics are more detailed.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Barbara Kruger Assignment

1. What do you see in this piece of art (describe it)?
In this piece I see a historic statue looking over a man texting someone, or maybe he's checking his email on his blackberry. It seems like the man is ignoring the statue or oblivious of it's presence. His mind is completely absorbed in what he is doing.
2. What kind of message is the artist giving in this piece of art?
I think the message mocks the change society has gone through with quickly developing technology, and the change in society's priorities. Technology seems to have completely taken over!
3. Do you like or dislike Kruger's work? Why?
I really like the satire Kruger creates in her work. I find her mocking of society humorous, especially with this piece.