Saturday, 17 September 2011

My Hidden Self

What are five interesting things most people don't know about you?
1. I love my sports i.e. swimming, running, badminton, and especially soccer.
2. I love finding small creatures like frogs and salamanders!
3. I think about my future constantly, Bruce County is definitely just temporary. 
4. I blush at EVERYTHING, which is irritating.
5. I hardly ever watch TV, it makes me feel lazy.

What are three things that your friends would say about your personality?
My friends would probably say:
1. I'm a loyal friend.
2. I'm an optimistic person.
3. I'm very understanding.

Is there anything that you wish you could change about yourself or show more of the world?
I would cut my hair short.
I'd like to read much more than I do.
I wish I had the patience for cooking, because I really like food! (Plus it's kind of a necessary skill to have when living on your own, which I'm really looking forward to).
I would like to be less shy/self conscious.
I'd like to be a morning person.
I wish I could dedicate myself to running daily.
I'd be more open about who I am.
I'd stop being silently competitive and comparing myself to other people, I'm so bad for that.

What are your five biggest goals/dreams for your future?
1. I'd like to become a professional photographer.
2. I want to live near Toronto, I think.
3. I want to travel and take pictures all over the world (although I don't take any interest in learning other languages :s)
4. I wish to continue playing soccer competitively.
5. I'd love to own a small air plane!

In summary, I'm an active, optimistic, understanding, and creative person who is always anticipating the future. I want to experience the diversity of Toronto and the world.

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