Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Hidden Self:

Reflection: How does this image show your hidden self?
This image shows my hidden self by showing things most people don't know about me. For instance, the frog to show that I like finding little creatures like that. Also, the clock, the Younge St. sign, and Toronto to show that I always think about my future. A few other things some people might not know about me are that I love to play badminton and soccer, I like air planes, and if I could, I would read more.
What aspect of your image do you find the most successful and why?
I find the successful aspect about my image is that it lets the viewer's eye flow around easily because of the angles of the images and the lines in the objects. Also, I think I did well to use complementary colours (blue and orange) in the image.
What aspect of your image do you find least successful and why?
The aspect I find least successful in my image is the amount of commotion going on in the bottom right corner. Maybe I have too many layers (i.e. the trees, the city, the badminton birdies, and the clock) all in one spot.
If you could do this project again what changes would you make to improve it?
If I could do this project again, I would rearrange things and make different, more important objects bigger. For example, I might make the Younge St. sign bigger and maybe flip my portrait and put it more to the left. Also, I would use a different picture of birds.

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